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The aim of this site is to documentate the constructed language named Romanid based on the sources I know. Notwithstanding I am not a Romanidist, I decided to make this page because there are no interlinguistic data at all on the web about this constructed language that has Hungarian origin.

Romanid was created by dr. Zoltán Magyar, a language teacher living in Debrecen, Hungary. Its first grammar was issued in May, 1956. The next version was published in December, 1957 in a paper titled “A Romanid nyelv rövid nyelvtana” (A Brief Grammar of the Romanid Language). The last publication I know is the “Tájékoztató és társalgási könyv” (Guide and Phrase Book; hereafter: Phrase Book) from 1984. This is the base of the present documentation. The language was revised between the latter two dates as demonstrated by the sentences below (the second one is my translation based on the Phrase Book):

  • 1958: Moy lingva project nominad Romanid fu publicad ja in may de pasad ano cam scientific studium in hungar lingva...
  • 1984: Mi lingua project nominat Romanid esed publicat ja in may de pasat an cam scientific studio in hungar lingua...
  • translation: My language project called Romanid was published already in May of last year as a scientific study in Hungarian...

Romanid is an interlatinid naturalistic constructed language. However the grammar of the version from 1984 [I will mean this version here by the term Romanid] is relatively simple, the accent and the gender of the words are complicated and sometimes irregular.

All material is only Hungarian yet, except the grammar. Click here to download Romanid grammar! (PDF)

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